Subsidized Counselling

Counselling for Victims, Family Members, and Witnesses of Crime

Funded by the provincial government, the Criminal Victims Assistance Program (CVAP) provides fully subsidized counselling to residents of British Columbia who have either witnessed or been the targets of criminal activity. If you or anyone you know have witnessed or been the victim of a crime and would like to receive counselling for the impact of that crime, please contact Spencer or visit the CVAP website ( for more details on applying for psychological support.

Counselling for Indigenous Residents of BC

Through the Health Benefits Program, the First Nations Health Authority provides fully funded counselling to indigenous residents of British Columbia. The Health Benefits Program contains four specific counselling programs for indigenous people:

· the Mental Wellness and Counselling Program (MWCP)

· the Indian Residential Schools Resolution Health Support Program (IRS-RHSP)

· the Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls (MMIWG) Program, and

· the Indian Day Schools Health Support Services (IDS-HSS)

If you or anyone you know would like to receive counselling through the Health Benefits Program, please contact Spencer or visit the FNHA's website ( for more details about the Health Benefits Program.

Counselling for Victims of Motor-Vehicle Accidents

Funded by the provincial government, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) provides fully subsidized counselling for any individual experiencing distress as a result of a motor vehicle accident. If you or anyone you know has been in a motor-vehicle accident and would like to receive counselling for such a difficult and violent episode, please contact Spencer.

In order for ICBC to cover the cost of counselling, the individual in question must have a claim number with ICBC. This claim number indicates that ICBC has verified that the accident occurred within the last 90 days.

Insurance Providers

Clinical counselling is often included in the packages of benefits health insurers provide to their customers. Some packages cover a certain monetary amount while others will cover a set number of sessions. If you have health insurance and would like to see if your provider covers counselling, please contact your provider and ask them if you're eligible to be covered for counselling sessions with a Registered Clinical Counsellor.